Firearms Safety Depends On You

From the time you pick up a firearm, you become part of a system over which YOU have complete control. You are the only part of the system that can make a gun safe—or unsafe.

Hunting and target shooting are among the safest of all sports. This booklet is intended to make them even safer by emphasizing the basics of safe gun handling and storage, and by reminding you that YOU are the key to firearms safety.

You can help meet this responsibility by enrolling in hunter safety or shooting safety courses. You must constantly stress safety when handling firearms, especially to children and non-shooters. Beginners, in particular, must be closely supervised when handling firearms with which they may not be acquainted.

Don’t be timid when it comes to gun safety. If you observe anyone violating any safety precautions, you have an obligation to insist on safer handling practices, such as those in this booklet.

Please read this booklet carefully and follow the safety procedures outlined. Develop safe shooting habits, and remember, firearms safety is up to you. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!

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