Ruger Auction

Ruger is excited to offer you an opportunity to bid on and acquire rare, unusual, discontinued, or one-of-a-kind Ruger firearms and accessories. All items are available to qualified buyers as part of a "no reserve" auction subject, of course, to applicable laws.

Buckeye New Model Blackhawk®


We have for auction the first of nine Ruger firearms with the last digits of the serial number ending in "00148". This New Model Blackhawk 10mm / .38-40 Winchester caliber convertible revolver was a distributor exclusive for Buckeye Sports Supply. The serial number, 611-00148, tells us this revolver was testfired on April 16, 1990. These Blackhawk revolvers were built for Buckeye Sports Supply and marketed exclusively by them in 1990. The revolver features a bright blued finish; 6-1/2" barrel; and Goncalo Alves grip panels with a silver-colored Ruger eagle medallion. Other features include a 6-round 10mm cylinder; a 6-round .38-40 Winchester cylinder; an adjustable rear sight and ramp front sight. Etched on the top strap of the gun is the Buckeye Sports Supply trademark.


New Model Super Blackhawk®


Up for auction is the second of nine Ruger firearms with the last digits of the serial number ending in "00148". This week we have a New Model Super Blackhawk 44 Magnum/44-40 Magnum convertible revolver. The serial number, 87-00148, tells us this revolver was testfired January 22, 1990. The New Model Super Blackhawk revolvers were first introduced in 1973. This model was only in production from 1990 through 1991, and approximately 1,200 were manufactured. It was never listed in the firearms catalogs or price sheets for either of those years. Some features include a blued finish; 7-1/2" barrel; and walnut grip panels with silver-colored Ruger eagle medallions. Other features include a 6-round capacity 44 Magnum non-fluted cylinder; a 6-round capacity 44-40 Magnum non-fluted cylinder; a rear sight click-adjustable for windage or elevation and a Patridge-type front sight mounted on a ramp.