Ruger Auction

Ruger is excited to offer you an opportunity to bid on and acquire rare, unusual, discontinued, or one-of-a-kind Ruger firearms and accessories. All items are available to qualified buyers as part of a "no reserve" auction subject, of course, to applicable laws.

Single-Six® Convertible


Our auction item this week is a stainless New Model Super Single-Six® Convertible .22 LR/.22 WMRF revolver. The New Model Single-Six® revolvers were first introduced in 1973. The serial number, 262-02641, tells us this revolver was testfired October 19, 1988. It had originally been sold and then returned to the factory. The revolver was stamped with a letter "U" in front of the serial number indicating it was a used firearm. The revolver appears to function normally. Some features of this revolver include a satin-polished stainless steel frame; 6-1/2" barrel; and walnut grip panels with silver-colored Ruger "SR" eagle medallions. Other features include a 6-round capacity .22 Long Rifle cylinder, and a 6-round .22 Magnum cylinder. The rear sight is click-adjustable for windage or elevation and protected by integral frame topstrap ribs, and a Patridge-type front sight mounted on a ramp.


Stainless SP101®


Up for auction this week is a stainless Ruger® SP101® .38 Special caliber, double-action revolver. It is the sixth of nine Ruger® firearms with the last digits of the serial number ending in "00148". The serial number of this revolver is 570-00148, and the testfire date is May 3, 1989. The stainless SP101® was first introduced in 1989 which makes this one of the first manufactured. Mr. Ruger Sr. started the Low Serial Number Program in the early days of the Company, and only key employees and close friends of the Company had been given the opportunity to participate. The program was discontinued a few years ago. Serial number "148" was assigned to a now-retired employee of the Company who no longer wanted to purchase the nine firearms kept on hold for that former employee.