Originally a goal of Bill Ruger, Sr., the 1 Million Gun Challenge is a key objective for current Ruger CEO and President, Mike Fifer. The concept is simple enough - be the first consumer firearms manufacturer to sell 1 million firearms to the commercial market in a 12-month period. The benefit is also straightforward - for every gun sold, Ruger will give $1 to the NRA-ILA, with the goal of donating $1 Million. Yet, the symbolism is the greatest message of all – Mike wants to show how loyal Ruger customers are; when you make products that people want, they will support you. And he wants to prove that American gun buyers can make this happen, especially when it involves supporting American workers and American-Made products.

After the first three quarters of the 1 Million Gun Challenge, Ruger reached 84% of its goal, so Mike Fifer raised the stakes. At the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, he announced Ruger's new goal of selling 1.2 million firearms in hope of raising $1.2 Million. On April 13, 2012, Mike Fifer and Cassie Evins, winner of the "I Took the Challenge" contest, presented the final check in the amount of $1,254,000 to the NRA. The event marked the culmination of a year's worth of hard work and commitment from Ruger customers, retailers, distributors and employees.