Service Fees

The Ruger Customer Service Departments will be closed November 26 - 29.
Regular business hours will resume on November 30. We will respond to emails and service repairs as quickly as possible upon reopening. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Firearms that are returned to Ruger for service are evaluated to determine if the service is to be provided at a fee or no-charge basis. The following price schedule will serve as a guide in estimating the cost of service that we provide and represents the most commonly requested services. Some products may be out of production or are not being serviced at this time, click here to view a list of these products.

RETURN SHIPPING CHARGE: $30.00 per firearm

POLISH AND REBLUE Labor charge per firearm (does not include parts and shipping)
Shotguns $130.00
Revolvers and most rifles $130.00
(includes refinishing of all metal components)
$100.00 (not necessary for re-barreling)
RE-BARREL Labor charge per firearm (does not include parts and shipping)
Shotguns $130.00
No. 1 rifles and 77/22 Hornet $105.00
M77 Mark II Magnum rifles $130.00
M77 Mark IIs and Hawkeyes $80.00 (no sights installation available)
Mini-14s and Mini Thirty rifles $80.00
Single-Action Revolvers $80.00
Double-Action Revolvers $80.00
FIT NEW STOCKS Labor charge per firearm (does not include parts and shipping)
Shotguns (20 ga. Prefix 400- not available) $50.00
No. 1 and M77 Mark II Magnums $50.00
M77 Mark IIs and Hawkeyes $35.00
10/22s, 77/22s, and Mini-14s $30.00
Stock Refinishing Not offered as a service
FIT NEW CYLINDERS Charge per cylinder (does not include parts and shipping)
Single and double-actions $50.00
PISTOLS AND PC CARBINES   (336-949-5200)
SERVICE Flat Rate Pricing (includes return shipping)
Drill & Tap for Scope Base (includes Weaver®-style scope base) $65.00
New Centerfire Barrel (must send in firearm for fit) $85.00
Slide Replacement (must send in firearm for fit) $35.00 + Cost of Slide
Reconditioning - Replacement of worn internal parts
(does not include major components)
Reblue / Refinish including Reconditioning $110.00
Frame Replacement (if not serialized) $35.00 + Cost of Frame
Function / Sight In Target $65.00
Prepaid Return Label $30.00

Terms and Conditions:
Ruger will provide you with a detailed quotation of service fees based upon your request for service and the extent of service that Ruger agrees to provide. Payment in full via credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), money order or certified bank check (no personal checks, please) is required before any service will be performed.

Firearms for which the customer has declined to accept the quotation will be immediately returned to the customer upon our receipt of notice that the service quotation has been declined.