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We greatly appreciate the high interest in our products. The demand for many of these products has far outpaced the supply, especially over the past few months. Please know we are producing and ship these high-demand models every day! Our almost 1,600 employees, across our three manufacturing facilities are working hard to stay safe, stay open and to continue to meet consumer demand.

As a reminder, we sell our goods through a two-step process to wholesale distributors. Because of this, we have no control over the order in which retailers receive our firearms. The rule of thumb is that the largest and best paying retailers receive hard-to-get merchandise first. I am sure that your retailer will be able to get these high-demand models for you at some point; please be patient.

This being said, please beware of placing a non-refundable deposit on any firearm at this time. There is not a retailer in the country that can guarantee you a time frame for delivery until their distributor ships them the firearm.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

Dear Loyal Ruger Customer,
Welcome to Tell the CEO!

This platform allows you to email me directly. Yes, I read and reply to every single submission that I receive. In some cases, I may reply with a standard answer, specifically related to topics like availability of new products or new caliber suggestions for some of our popular rifles, but it truly is always me reading and responding to your commentary.

Further, I forward all of your input to various areas within our company - from Customer Service and Product Development to Marketing and Engineering. You may even hear from those great folks as well. We want you to know that we appreciate your enthusiasm for our products, we listen to your feedback and we put many of the ideas to work!

After over 30 years in the firearms industry, working at two of the largest American firearm manufacturers, I have learned that being connected with our customers is the most important aspect of a company's growth and success. So, I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions or comments that you may have. If you need help with your firearm, please be sure to reach out to our world-class Customer Service Team directly. They represent some of our finest employees and are able to help resolve your concerns much faster than I can. Below are also some helpful FAQs for your use.

Thank you for your business and your loyalty!

Chris Killoy

Service Related Issues

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a service related issue, please contact our Customer Service department directly to receive more immediate attention.

Chris's FAQs

Take a quick look through these FAQs to see if Chris has already answered your question! We've listed some of the most popular submissions with Chris's responses.

Why don't you offer a lifetime warranty like other manufacturers?
Unfortunately, the law in this area is complicated and varies widely. Rather than provide a written "lifetime warranty" followed by a lengthy disclaimer (which is what many manufacturers do), Ruger has elected not to provide a written warranty.
Regardless, we sincerely value our customers and work hard to treat them fairly. If you have a problem with your Ruger® firearm, reach out to our excellent customer service representatives and I believe you will be very pleased with the result. If not, let me know.

What safety devices are incorporated into the design of the LCP II?
We put a significant amount of engineering effort into designing a short, crisp LCP® II firing mechanism that also is safe, reliable and consistent. We then verified the design through our robust testing process.

The LCP® II hammer and sear geometry were designed with significant engagement for a positive lockup. The sear is neutrally balanced and under strong spring tension, which helps prevent disengagement during a drop scenario. In the unlikely event that a significant shock to the pistol results in disengagement of the hammer from the sear, the design includes a hammer catch to help prevent the hammer from contacting the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. Our testing has revealed that this design passes all standard tests and is very safe from discharge due to a drop.

Notably, the LCP® II design features a bladed trigger safety that prevents the trigger from moving rearward without intentionally being pulled. Every LCP® II is shipped from the factory with a pocket holster that protects the trigger when properly utilized.

Would it be possible to make the 10/22® in the .17 HMR at a comparable price?
We do not make any autoloading firearms in 17 HMR or 22 WMRF. There is great variability in the loading of these cartridges and, on a relative basis, brass casing that are weak for the pressures involved. Why? Because you need a case that is soft enough to ensure rimfire ignition, which is in conflict with the need for a case strong enough to handle magnum loadings. Since autoloading firearms generally do not have a locked bolt at ignition, there is a very slight, but real risk of a blown case. And no one wants that (and keep your hand out from under the magazine well on anybody's rimfire semi-auto).
If we can figure out an engineering solution to this conundrum, we'll bring one out, but for now it has us stumped. Sorry about that.
In the meantime, we do make bolt-action rifles for .17 HMR, .22 WMRF, and the new .17 WSM.

Retailers in my area are having a very hard time obtaining the Ruger Precision® Rifle. Is it on backorder, short supply, what? I am having a hard time understanding why Ruger is not getting these orders met.
We are working flat out to produce as many Ruger Precision Rifles as we can and we ship them every day. Demand is so strong, however, that I think we're actually falling further behind each day rather than catching up. We've committed more capital for equipment and tooling and brought in extra folks to work the production cell. It's a wonderful rifle, and well worth the wait, but I am sorry that it is taking so long to get enough out there to satisfy demand.

I really like the Ruger LC9s® Pro. I also like the Ruger LC380®. Can you tell me if Ruger has any plans to release a striker fired model of the LC380®?
Striker-fired guns are typically "cock-on-close" and, as a result, they require a recoil spring that is substantially stronger than the striker spring so that they can compress (cock) that spring when returning the slide into battery (on close). But the 380 is not powerful enough to reliably compress a recoil spring that is also strong enough to overcome the striker spring. So 380 is not a great choice for cock-on-close striker mechanism. Long-term, we may work on a cock-on-open striker-fired mechanism to try to overcome this shortfall.

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