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Ruger® 75th Anniversary

In 2024, Ruger will proudly celebrate 75 years of manufacturing rugged, reliable firearms. To commemorate this accomplishment, Ruger is proud to announce four 75th Anniversary Models, each representative of Ruger’s storied past and bright future. These commemorative models are inspired by iconic Ruger products, and represent each of our three major manufacturing facilities.

Ruger® 75th Anniversary Products

Ruger 75th Anniversary 10/22® Sporter

with Walnut-Stained Hardwood Stock

Ruger 75th Anniversary 10/22® Sporter

with Natural Finish Hardwood Stock

Ruger 75th Anniversary Mark IV™

Ruger 75th Anniversary LCP® MAX

The Mark IV, manufactured in Prescott, AZ, is the evolution of the Standard Pistol, the product that established Ruger in the marketplace in 1949.

10/22® rifles, manufactured in Newport, NH, are classic, attractive takes on this ubiquitous rimfire autoloader.

The LCP® MAX, manufactured in Mayodan, NC, is an evolution of the LCP, a pistol that transformed the market with its introduction in 2008.

While each of these firearms is tastefully embellished with Ruger 75th Anniversary markings, they are all intentionally priced to be affordable for the “average, working American citizen to afford,” echoing the vision that Bill Ruger had for his products 75 years ago.

Limited Edition Collector's Models

The SR1911®, first introduced in 2011 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Government Model 1911, salutes our pride in American craftmanship, demonstrated by the attractive and intricate details on the slide and grip panels. Only 750 of the Anniversary SR1911’s will be produced during 2024 and will be identifiable by a special "R75" serial number prefix.

Our goal at Ruger has always been to provide rugged, reliable firearms to responsible citizens, and it is because of our loyal customers, dedicated associates and media partners that we can continue this mission. As we embark on our 75th anniversary in 2024, we look forward to providing even more exciting products and happenings throughout the year.
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Thank you for helping us celebrate Ruger's 75th anniversary!

Ruger 75Th Anniversary

Celebrating 75 Years Of Rugged, Reliable Firearms