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New Products

Ruger® New Products for 2019

Ruger Security-9® Pro

Ruger is proud to introduce the Security-9® Pro and Security-9 Pro Compact pistols. These Pro models maintain many of the same advanced features of the popular Security-9, but are offered without the external manual thumb safety. Security-9 Pro models also ship with three alloy steel magazines and factory-installed steel tritium night sights. LEARN MORE

AR-556® with Free-Float Handguard Now in 300 Blackout

This addition to the Ruger® AR-556 rifle line features a 16.10" cold hammer-forged barrel with a 1:7" twist and pistol-length gas system to reliably function with both the lightest supersonic hunting rounds and heavy, subsonic rounds. The rifle also boasts an 11" aluminum free-float handguard with Magpul® M-LOK® accessory attachment slots and a standard pistol grip for easy user customization. LEARN MORE

10/22® with Viridian® EON 3-9x40 Scope

We are excited to announce a new configuration of the popular 10/22® Carbine which ships with the all new Viridian® EON 3-9x40 scope factory mounted. The EON 3-9x40 scope is one of the first-ever riflescopes from Viridian Optics and features fully multi-coated lenses, tactile windage and elevation adjustments and waterproof / shockproof/ fog proof construction. It also features adjustable eye relief to keep you comfortable and several variable magnification options to give you all the power any hunter or shooter needs. LEARN MORE

PC Carbine Chassis Models

The standard models of this refreshed PC Carbine boast an abundance of new features, including a glass-filled polymer chassis system; six-position, telescoping, Magpul® MOE® buttstock; flared magwell for improved magazine reloading capabilities; ergonomic pistol grip with extended trigger reach; and a factory-installed, barrel-mounted Picatinny rail. A fixed stock, non-threaded barrel version of the PC Carbine Chassis model is also available. LEARN MORE

Hawkeye® Hunter

Based on the popular Hawkeye Standard with a classic American walnut stock, this new stainless steel rifle comes paired with a factory-installed picatinny rail and threaded barrel, providing the avid hunter with the ultimate, rugged and hard-hitting rifle. The Hawkeye Hunter is initially being offered in four different calibers: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield and .300 Winchester Magnum. All Hunter rifles feature a cold hammer-forged, satin stainless finished barrel, a factory-installed 20 MOA picatinny rail for mounting optics and an American walnut stock. Additionally, the .300 Winchester Magnum configuration features a removable Ruger® radial-port muzzle brake to significantly reduce felt recoil. LEARN MORE

Custom Shop 10/22® Competition Rifle

This new variation boasts a skeletonized green mountain laminate stock and a stainless steel bull barrel. The 16-1/8" stainless steel bull barrel features black Cerakote® accents and is fluted to reduce weight and dissipate heat. The 1/2"-28 thread pattern accommodates the included muzzle brake or other popular muzzle accessories. The barrel also features a proprietary, enhanced semi-auto chamber which has proven to increase accuracy and precision while not compromising reliable feeding and extraction. LEARN MORE

Ruger Security-9® Compact With Viridian Laser

The popular Security-9® Compact pistol is now available with a factory-installed Viridian® E-Series™ red laser. The laser unit weighs just over 1/2 oz with the installed battery, is securely mounted to the rail and trigger guard and features ambidextrous push-button activation. LEARN MORE

EC9s® With Colored Grip Frames

These new models feature durable and lightweight glass-filled nylon grip frames in a variety of new shades with attractive slide finishes. Retaining all of the features of the standard EC9s pistol, these new offerings include the following color options: turquoise grip frame with aluminum Cerakote® slide finish; gray grip frame with black oxide slide finish; purple grip frame with aluminum Cerakote slide finish, and flat dark earth grip frame with black oxide slide finish. LEARN MORE

Hawkeye® Long-Range Hunter

The 7.25-pound Hawkeye Long-Range Hunter is compact and easy to carry. Fed from an AI-style detachable magazine, the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC configurations ship with a 5-round and 3-round magazine, respectively. The rifle features a 22" cold hammer-forged barrel with the signature Hawkeye matte stainless finish, a factory-installed picatinny rail for mounting optics, and a two-tone stock with adjustable length of pull. This rifle also features a removable Ruger® radial-port muzzle brake, to significantly reduce felt recoil, as well the light and crisp LC6™ trigger. LEARN MORE

Limited Availability 10/22® Carbine

Ruger announces two new, limited availability models of the 10/22® Carbine. Offered with either a gray or charcoal colored stock, both of these affordable 10/22 rifles feature a factory-installed combination scope base adapter. As with all Ruger 10/22 models, these two new configurations boast the tried-and-true legendary action that ensures consistent, reliable performance. Each rifle features Ruger's easy-to-use, prominent magazine release that provides for smooth, no-fuss removal of the included flush-fit magazine. LEARN MORE

Custom Shop SR1911® Competition

This single-stack SR1911 is built for the highest levels of competition; whether you are a world-class competitor, collector or target shooter who appreciates exceptional firearms, the Ruger Custom Shop SR1911 in .45 Auto will not disappoint. Each slide and frame are hand fitted to ensure that the action is tight, smooth and accurate. The competition barrel featuring a polished throat, fitted barrel lug and target crown is also hand fitted for precise lock-up. The Custom Shop SR1911 is assembled with only the best components, including the Koenig Shooting Sports low-mass hammer and competition sear, flat-faced match trigger shoe, precision-machined Cylinder & Slide disconnector, forged slide stop, integral plunger tube and hand-tuned sear spring. LEARN MORE

AR-556® Pistol in .300 Blackout

The second addition to the Ruger® AR-556 Pistol line features a 10.50" cold hammer-forged barrel with a 1:7" twist and pistol-length gas system to reliably function with both the lightest supersonic hunting rounds and heavy, subsonic rounds. This new .300 Blackout model is equipped with an adjustable SB Tactical® SBA3™ Pistol Stabilizing Brace® that features a minimalist design and integral QD sling sockets. The pistol also boasts a 9" aluminum free-float handguard with Magpul® M-LOK® accessory attachment slots for easy user customization. LEARN MORE

Ruger American® Rimfire with Go Wild® Camo I-M Brush Stock

Ruger proudly introduces three models of the Ruger American® Rimfire rifle with Go Wild® Camo I-M Brush stock and bronze Cerakote® finish. Fans of the enormously popular Ruger American centerfire rifle configuration can now enjoy the same eye-catching look in the rimfire platform. Offered in .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR, these new models are perfect for any rimfire application, from casual plinking to small game and varmint hunting at modest distances. LEARN MORE

Flag Series Line of Firearms

Arriving just in time to celebrate the independence of our nation, these attractive firearms boast painted flag Cerakote® and flag camo dipped finishes. The first four offerings in this new series feature attractive American Flag finishes and are built on the following platforms: AR-556® MPR, Ruger Precision® Rimfire and PC Carbine™ rifles, as well as the AR-556 Pistol. Additional distributor exclusive models featuring state flag Cerakote finishes are also available. These models include the SR22® pistol with North Carolina state flag Cerakote finish, SR22 pistol with Arizona state flag Cerakote finish and Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor with a Texas state flag camo dip. LEARN MORE

Custom Shop Super GP100® Competition

The Custom Shop Super GP100 features polished and optimized internals, a centering boss on the trigger and centering shims on the hammer, which combine to produce a smooth, double-action trigger pull and a crisp, consistent let-off. Together, the adjustable rear sight and quick-change fiber optic front sight create a great sight picture for rapid target acquisition. The stainless steel frame, cylinder and barrel are PVD coated to provide corrosion resistance, durability and reliability. Utilizing the renowned action of the Super Redhawk®, the Super GP100 also contains a two-spring lockwork arrangement providing an even double-action cycle and reliable ignition. LEARN MORE

Limited Edition Mark IV 70th Anniversary

This limited edition model features the classic Standard styling, including the 4.75" cold hammer-forged, tapered barrel with fixed sights and angled grip. Like similar Mark IV pistols, the commemorative edition features a CNC-machined, one-piece aluminum grip frame, one-button takedown for quick and easy field stripping, ambidextrous manual safety and a redesigned bolt stop for more ergonomic operation. The magazine drops free on release and the magazine disconnect safety prevents discharge when the magazine has been removed. The American-made Mark IV ships with two nickel-Teflon® coated, 10-round magazines. LEARN MORE

Ruger Precision® Rifle in .300 PRC

Built on the magnum caliber platform, the Ruger Precision Rifle in .300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) harnesses the benefits of a cartridge developed to take advantage of long, heavy-for-caliber bullets capable of delivering the highest levels of accuracy and aerodynamic performance. This rifle features a 26" heavy-contour barrel (0.875" at the muzzle) and a Ruger Precision Rifle Magnum Muzzle Brake with a tunable compensator to effectively reduce recoil and muzzle jump. LEARN MORE

Ruger Precision® Rifle in 6.5 PRC

Built within the envelope of the original short-action Ruger Precision Rifle, the new 6.5 PRC offering provides a compact package designed for a cartridge that allows for superior accuracy, flat trajectory and extended-range performance. With an increase in velocity of over 200 FPS over the immensely popular 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, the 6.5 PRC has been dubbed its "big brother." This rifle features a 26" medium-contour barrel (0.75" at the muzzle) with a factory-installed Ruger Precision Rifle Hybrid Muzzle Brake to effectively reduce recoil while minimizing noise and blast to the sides of the shooter. LEARN MORE

Ruger American® Rifle Ranch in .350 Legend

Since its launch in 2012, the Ruger American Rifle has earned a reputation for outstanding accuracy and reliability, and the .350 Legend is a natural fit for the platform. This new chambering is offered in both standard (13.75") and compact (12.50") lengths of pull to fit most shooters, while the ergonomic stock and soft recoil pad ensure comfortable shooting. The 16.38" cold hammer-forged barrel features a 1:16" twist rate and is capped with 1/2"-28 muzzle threads and thread protector. A 5-round metal AR-style magazine, one-piece Picatinny scope base, Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ trigger and ambidextrous tang safety complete the package. LEARN MORE

AR-556® in .350 Legend

The AR-556 MPR has proven to be an excellent hunting platform, and the .350 Legend chambering expands that role. The nitrided 16.38" barrel is capped with a 1/2"-28 radial port muzzle brake. The rifle's appeal is enhanced by the combination of a Ruger® Elite 452® AR-Trigger, Magpul® furniture and a 15" free-float handguard. Magpul M-LOK® accessory attachment slots make the addition of a sling or bipod easy. With less recoil, and weighing almost a pound less than its .450 Bushmaster counterpart, the MPR chambered in .350 Legend is a fantastic hunting option. LEARN MORE


Built on the legacy of the popular Ruger® Single-Six®, the new Wrangler complements Ruger's rich history of producing quality, rugged, reliable single-action revolvers. The attractive price, combined with the affordability of rimfire ammunition, make this revolver ideal for learning to shoot, introducing friends or family to the sport, or just experiencing the fun of single-action shooting. LEARN MORE

PC Carbine

Ruger is excited to introduce six new PC Carbine™ configurations including three free-float handguard models chambered in the popular 9mm Luger and three standard models offered in the highly anticipated .40 S&W chambering. These new PC Carbine models are offered in varying magazine capacity and threaded barrel configurations to ensure multi-state availability. LEARN MORE

Security-9® Compact

Ruger announces a new, compact version of the popular Security-9® pistol. Smaller, lighter and more concealable than its full-size counterpart, the Security-9 Compact is ideal for everyday carry with an overall length of 6.5" and weighing in at just under 22 ounces. The attractive price point of both the full-size and compact models will have you wanting one of each. LEARN MORE

Hawkeye® Alaskan

Ruger is proud to reintroduce the Hawkeye® Alaskan rifle chambered in three calibers: .375 Ruger, .338 Winchester Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum. Based on the popular Ruger® Guide Gun platform, this stainless steel rifle, paired with a Hogue® OverMolded® stock, provides the avid shooter or hunter with the ultimate rugged and hard-hitting rifle. LEARN MORE

Stainless Ruger American® Rimfires

Each of these new rifles feature a satin, 416 stainless steel barrel, bolt and receiver. The 18" cold hammer-forged barrel is finished with a 1/2"-28 threaded muzzle and an 11-degree target crown. The contrasting black thread protector, bolt release and one-piece scope base compliment the Target model's hallmark black laminate stock. LEARN MORE

Second Custom Shop 10/22® Competition Rifle

The 10/22 Competition Rifle features a hard-coat anodized, CNC-machined, heat treated and stress relieved 6061-T6511 aluminum receiver with an integral, optics-ready, 30 MOA Picatinny rail. The custom receiver is paired with a heat treated and nitrided CNC-machined match bolt that creates a tight-fitting, smooth action enabling the highest level of performance. The dual bedding system incorporates a second bedding lug, ensuring the receiver is securely bedded to the stock. This rifle also features an innovative second barrel locator to provide a free-floating barrel for superior accuracy. LEARN MORE