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New Products

Ruger® New Products for 2018

GP100® Match Champion in 10mm Auto

The GP100 Match Champion in 10mm Auto stands out against other revolvers with its polished and optimized internals, a centering boss on the trigger and centering shims on the hammer to produce a smooth double-action trigger pull and a crisp and consistent let-off. Together, the adjustable rear sight and quick-change fiber optic front sight create a great sight picture for rapid acquisition on both plates and targets. LEARN MORE

PC Carbine

Practical and versatile, the Pistol Caliber Carbine is ideal for any shooter, from novice to experienced. Built to excel in a number of roles from plinking or competition to home or personal defense, the PC Carbine is highly configurable and compact, making it the perfect portable companion to match with many popular pistols.
Uniquely designed for use with a variety of magazines, the PC Carbine features an easily interchangeable magazine well system that allows the rifle to accept common Ruger® and Glock® magazines. LEARN MORE


Ideal for everyday carry and self-defense, the Security-9 is an affordable, rugged, mid-sized centerfire pistol that provides everyday security in the perfect caliber, size and price point. Chambered in 9mm Luger and utilizing a 15-round, double-stack magazine, the Security-9 strikes the perfect balance between a compact and full-size pistol. It is small and light enough to be easily concealed and comfortably carried, yet has twice the capacity of slimmer 9mm Luger pistols. LEARN MORE


No gimmicks, rebates or mail-in offers for gift cards... just the rugged, reliability of the striker-fired LC9s®, now with integral sights and a no-hassle price point that won't break the bank. This new Ruger® EC9s™ centerfire pistol is an EDC (everyday carry) pistol that will keep cash in your EDW (everyday wallet). LEARN MORE

Hawkeye® Long-Range Target

The Hawkeye® Long-Range Target brings extended range capability to the venerable controlled-round feed M77 action. Its initial chambering in .300 Win. Mag. carries significant energy out to great distances, and its adjustable stock with modern ergonomics easily accommodates a broad spectrum of shooters. LEARN MORE

Ruger Precision Rifle®

The new Gen 3 Ruger Precision Rifle® offers yet another Voice of the Customer driven improvement to the standard in long-range rifles. This new model features a 15" free-float handguard made of hard black anodized aluminum with Magpul® M-LOK® slots on all four sides for improved scope clearance for long-range scopes and easy mounting of M-LOK-compatible rails and accessories. The new Ruger Precision Rifle® also features an ambidextrous manual safety for left- or right-handed lever manipulation and a nitride bolt body for corrosion resistance, smooth operation and durability. LEARN MORE

Ruger Precision Rimfire

Bringing the big-gun experience to the rimfire world, the Ruger Precision Rimfire is a scaled down version of the Ruger Precision Rifle® and maintains the same ergonomics, trigger and manual of arms as the larger centerfire rifle. The Ruger Precision Rimfire is the ideal long-range shooting trainer and go-to rifle for your next rimfire match.
The Ruger Precision Rimfire features a molded, one-piece chassis and adjustable buttstock assembly manufactured from glass-filled nylon for strength, stiffness and stability, offering a solid foundation for accuracy each and every shot. The innovative Quick-Fit adjustable Precision Rimfire stock allows the rifle's length of pull and comb height to be quickly and easily adjusted for proper fit over a wide range of shooter sizes, outerwear and shooting positions. LEARN MORE

Ruger American Rimfire® Target with Thumbhole Stock

The Ruger American Rimfire® with Thumbhole Stock provides ergonomic and accuracy-enhancing features to make the most of rimfire shooting from the bench. The black laminate stock features an adjustable length of pull, a high comb, a more vertical grip and a wide, flat forend. The 18" heavy-contour, cold hammer-forged barrel is threaded for muzzle accessories like the Silent-SR® sound suppressor, and, like all Ruger American Rimfires, this new model features the Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ Trigger. LEARN MORE

GP100® 7-Round in .327 Federal Magnum

The popular GP100®, recently designed with a 7-round capacity, is now available in .327 Federal Magnum with 4.20" and 6" barrel lengths. These new models feature a Hogue® Monogrip®, adjustable rear sights and ramp front sights. LEARN MORE

SR1911® Officer-Style

The SR1911® Officer-Style pistol is compact for comfortable all day carry, featuring a 3.60" barrel length. This new configuration also features genuine Novak® sights, deluxe G-10 grip panels, an aluminum grip frame, a bushingless black nitride coated bull barrel and full-length steel guide rod. LEARN MORE

SR1911® Target in 9mm Luger

The SR1911® Target lineup now includes a 9mm Luger model with a bushingless black nitride coated bull barrel and full-length steel guide rod. This new pistol features a 5" barrel, ambidextrous manual safety and adjustable target sights. LEARN MORE

Mark IV 22/45 Lite with Diamond Gray Anodized Finish

The popular Mark IV™ 22/45™ Lite now features a new anodized finish for 2018 - Diamond Gray. Additional features of the Lite models include a lightweight, ventilated, aerospace-grade aluminum receiver, and a comfortable, precision-molded polymer grip frame. This model is now also available with a non-threaded barrel. LEARN MORE

Mark IV Target with Threaded Bull Barrel

By popular demand, the attractive all stainless steel Mark IV™ Target Model is now available with a 1/2"-28 threaded barrel and knurled end cap. The 5.50" bull barrel and adjustable sights make for accurate shooting while the threaded barrel allows the attachment of suppressors and other muzzle devices. LEARN MORE

Ruger American Rifle® with New Modular Stock

The new Ruger American Rifle® models feature a new modular stock that accepts alternative mag wells for use with non-Ruger American Rifle rotary magazines. Depending on caliber, these new stocks will allow for the use of AI-Style, AR-Style, Mini Thirty® or Ruger American Rifle® magazines (short-action, long-action or magnum). LEARN MORE

Redhawk® with Sleeve and Shroud Barrels

The iconic Redhawk® is now available with accuracy-enhancing sleeve and shroud barrels. Barrel sleeves are cold hammer-forged in-house at Ruger and the sleeve and shroud barrel assembly provides for consistently tight tolerance control. These new Redhawks are offered in 4.20" and 5.50" barrel lengths, and feature un-fluted cylinders with eight-round capacity chambered in .357 Magnum. LEARN MORE

GP100® Seven-Round

The popular GP100®, famous for its rugged reliability, is now available in seven-round capacity models chambered in .357 Magnum. These new model offerings are available in three popular barrel lengths - 2.50", 4.20", and 6". These new seven-round models feature one-piece rubber grips with hardwood inserts, adjustable rear sights and fiber optic front sights. LEARN MORE

10/22® with Scope and Case

The class-leading 10/22® is now available with a factory-installed Weaver 3-9x40 scope featuring a Dual-X reticle. This blued model with an 18" barrel and black synthetic stock is packed in a Ruger-branded hard case that is under 48" long. LEARN MORE

10/22® Target Lite

The 10/22® Target Lite is a highly accurate rifle that features a black laminate thumbhole stock, cold hammer-forged barrel tensioned in a black-anodized aluminum alloy barrel sleeve and the light and crisp BX-Trigger™. The stock also has a rollover comb, a flat forend and installed swivel studs. LEARN MORE

AR-556® MPR

This custom-built modern sporting rifle features an 18" nitrided alloy barrel with rifle-length gas system, Ruger's 15" free-float handguard compatible with M-LOK® accessories, the Ruger® Elite 452™ AR-Trigger and ergonomic Magpul® furniture. The perfect rifle for a variety of uses, the AR-556 MPR is capable and versatile. LEARN MORE

Mark IV Standard

Much like the popular Standard pistol that was the Company's flagship offering in 1949, the new Mark IV Standard model features a tapered barrel and a natural pointing grip angle. The Standard model is offered in both 4.75" and 6" barrel lengths with fixed sights. These new models feature a one-piece, precision CNC-machined grip frame. Like all pistols in the Mark IV family, the Standard models feature a simple, one-button takedown for quick and easy field-stripping, ambidextrous manual safety and a redesigned bolt stop for more ergonomic operation. LEARN MORE

Mark IV Tactical

The Mark IV Tactical features a 4.40" barrel with a 1/2"-28 thread pattern - perfect for the addition of the Silent-SR®. The pistol also is equipped with fully adjustable sights and factory-installed upper and lower Picatinny rails to allow for mounting of lights, lasers and other tactical accessories. This new model features a one-piece, precision CNC-machined grip frame. Like all pistols in the Mark IV family, the Tactical model features a simple, one-button takedown for quick and easy field-stripping, ambidextrous manual safety and a redesigned bolt stop for more ergonomic operation. LEARN MORE

Ruger American Rifle® Ranch in 7.62x39

Thirty years after the introduction of the Mini Thirty, its cartridge and magazine have found a new home. The magazine well of the Ruger American Rifle Ranch model is designed to accept Mini Thirty metal box magazines, which are properly positioned for reliable feeding. The magazine release is located in front of the trigger guard for easy manipulation. The rifle ships with a compact, 5-round magazine suitable for hunting. Higher capacity 10- and 20-round magazines are also available at LEARN MORE

Ruger SP101® New Calibers

The compact, all-stainless steel Ruger SP101® is now chambered in the powerful .327 Federal Magnum and 9mm Luger. Like all revolvers in the SP101 family, these new configurations feature cushioned, black rubber grip, patented transfer bar mechanism, patented grip frame assembly and a triple-locking cylinder. LEARN MORE