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Ruger Compact M77 Mark II Rifle

The new Ruger M77 MKII Compact rifle gives hunters the best of both worlds. It is shorter and lighter than many lever action carbines, yet chambered for ballistically superior cartridges, making it handy to both the forest and plains hunter.

The basis of the rifle is the short-action version of the patented and proven Ruger M77 MKII bolt-action rifle. Both the barrel and stock have been proportionally reduced at both ends, resulting in a compact and well-balanced system; yet the result has been so carefully designed that a casual glance at the rifle shows nothing whatsoever of a "cut-down" or foreshortened appearance.

The M77 MKII Compact rifle is currently available* in four different chamberings - .223 Rem, .243 Win, .260 Rem, and .308 Win. Each delivers accuracy and ballistic performance for the different needs of shooters, and all with manageable recoil.

* January 2002 - add caliber 7MM-08

After extensive range testing, we have found that the shorter barrel length has very little practical impact on velocity or trajectory. In fact, in some cases accuracy was improved because of the shorter barrel's inherent stiffness resulting in less muzzle whip.

This is truly a perfectly balanced package capable of delivering high-power bolt-action performance in a rugged rifle that is about one-fourth smaller than full-size magnum bolt-actions. There is no longer any need to sacrifice the inherent accuracy, strength, power and reliability of the bolt-action in order to obtain a "carrying rifle