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Ruger .17 Magnum Rimfire Rifles (.17 HMR) in Bolt-Action and Lever Action Models

Ruger is now shipping three new model variations of rimfire rifles in the Hornady .17 HMR caliber.

The first is a heavy barrel Varmint Model, featuring handsome stainless steel Ruger "target grey" metal components and a weather-resistant laminated stock. The second is a blued steel model, but with synthetic lightweight stock. The final model variation is our lever action Model 96/17, for lower-cost accurate performance.

Like their predecessor the 77/17 RM, these rifles can propel a .17-grain, .17 caliber high-performance jacketed synthetic-tip bullet with a muzzle velocity of more than 2550 feet per second. More than 25% faster than a .22 magnum! More energy at 200 yards than a .22 LR at the muzzle! The .17 HMR in the new Ruger 77/17 selection of rifles, redefines the ballistic characteristics of the rimfire rifle. High velocity, flatter trajectory and more energy are what best describe this new cartridge.