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Ruger Announces Five Rifles in New .204 Ruger Cartridge

Sturm, Ruger is proud to introduce five rifle models for 2004 in an exciting new caliber: the .204 RUGER. This small, fast, and efficient new cartridge is the result of another joint development effort between Sturm, Ruger and Hornady Manufacturing Company. The .204 RUGER shares the same case head and overall length cartridge as the .223 Remington, but uses a slender new 20 caliber, 32 grain, V-MAXTM bullet. The .204 RUGER's bullet has an extremely efficient ballistic coefficient of 0.192, and an amazing muzzle velocity of 4,225 feet per second.

When compared directly with either the .22-250 Remington or the .220 Swift, the .204 RUGER offers higher muzzle velocity and flatter trajectory. Because the .204 RUGER cartridge achieves a higher velocity with less propellant than either the .22-250 Remington or the .220 Swift, this new cartridge does not compromise barrel life. The .204 RUGER also offers lower recoil and muzzle report than comparable high-velocity, sub-caliber ammunition. Its conventional case shape avoids feeding problems and increased rearward bolt thrust associated with short and super short magnum cartridges.

Because this new caliber provides significant benefits for varmint hunters and target shooters alike, Sturm, Ruger is introducing five rifle models chambered for the .204 RUGER. These include three bolt-action rifles and two single-shot rifles. The Ruger M77 MKII bolt-action rifles include: the M77R in blued steel with a cut-checkered American walnut stock; the KM77RLFP Ultralight All-Weather in stainless steel with a synthetic stock and a light contour barrel; and the Target Grey KM77VT Target rifle in stainless steel with a brown, laminated wood stock, heavy target barrel, and two-stage target trigger. Ruger No.1 single-shot models include the No. 1 Standard in blued steel with a cut-checkered American walnut stock and the No. 1 Stainless Varminter in stainless steel with a black, laminated stock.

These new .204 RUGER models will be available beginning in March 2004.