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Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), the nation's largest firearms manufacturer, is proud to announce the introduction of the Ruger KMKIII512 Target pistol - the latest addition to the new line of Ruger Mark III™ autoloading .22 pistols. The stainless steel Ruger KMKIII512 pistol features a 5 1/2-inch target bull barrel and precision adjustable sights.

The Ruger Mark III family of pistols features a newly designed, convenient-to-use magazine release button located on the left side of the frame behind the trigger guard, an unobtrusive internal lock, a magazine disconnect, and re-contoured sights and ejection port. Ruger Mark III pistols also feature the first visible loaded chamber indicator for a .22 rimfire pistol (patent pending), and all adjustable sight Mark III pistols are drilled to accept a new Weaver-style scope base adapter, included with each pistol.

"Ruger Mark III pistols are the proud result of over a half-century of innovation," said Sturm, Ruger President, Stephen L. Sanetti. "The new Mark III pistols retain the familiar elements popular with shooters of Ruger rimfire pistols, but offer new features that enhance the shooting experience. The convenient new frame location of the magazine release button is a modification certain to be welcomed by the competitive pistol shooters, and optical sight mounting is now a snap."

While truly innovative in design, Ruger Mark III pistols retain key features that are the heart of the original Ruger Mark II and Ruger Standard pistols. Rather than using a separate moving slide, the bolt moves inside a rigid barrel-receiver assembly upon which the sights are mounted. This unique design offers an inherently higher accuracy potential because the sights remain fixed and are not affected by the blow-back action. Recognized for their performance, value, and optimum grip angle, the Ruger Standard, Mark I, and Mark II pistols have remained the first choice among shooters for over half a century.

The first Ruger Mark III models, the MKIII512 and P4GCMKIII, were unveiled at the National Rifle Association's Annual Meeting in April 2004.