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.204 Ruger Earns Editor's Choice Award From On Target Magazine

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), is proud to announce that the .204 RUGER cartridge received the Editor's Choice Award from ON TARGET magazine. This award, announced in the May/June issue, recognizes the combined efforts of Sturm, Ruger and Hornady Manufacturing Company in developing the first rifle cartridge to bear the Ruger name.

"The new .204 RUGER may be the fastest, flattest-shooting varmint cartridge of all time. While varmint hunters crave speed and laser-like trajectory, they absolutely hate recoil, muzzle blast and burned out barrels," said Editor Ben Battles. "The .204 RUGER achieves its stunning performance while burning one-third less powder than other high-performance varmint rounds, resulting in substantially lower operating pressures and temperatures. These barrel-saving qualities also produce significantly less perceived recoil and muzzle blast, both of which were minimal in our Ruger No.1 test rifle."

The ON TARGET test rifle was the single-shot Ruger No.1 Varminter, featuring a stainless steel 26" heavy barrel and black laminate stock. Sturm, Ruger now offers three versions of the Ruger M77 Mark II rifle and two versions of the Ruger No.1 rifle chambered in .204 RUGER. All five rifle models are available now.

"This award is just the latest accolade the .204 RUGER has earned since being introduced at the SHOT SHOW in February," said Sturm, Ruger Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Christopher Killoy. "The cartridge/rifle combination is everything serious small bore shooters want. The many awards received since their introduction reflect a successful team effort by Hornady and Ruger."