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Ruger Introduces Two Ruger M77® Mark II Rifles in the Powerful New .325 WSM Cartridge

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) announces the introduction of two Ruger M77 Mark II rifles chambered for the New .325 WSM caliber. Beginning in 2006, Sturm, Ruger will offer a Ruger M77 Mark II All-Weather® rifle and an all new stainless steel Target Grey® Ruger M77 Mark II Frontier rifle chambered for the new Winchester short action magnum cartridge.

The versatility of the Ruger All-Weather M77 Mark II rifle is well known among those who hunt in less-than-perfect weather conditions. With its black synthetic stock and stainless action and barrel, the All-Weather rifle provides peace of mind for those whose quests take them to the cold and wet environment of many of the world's prime hunting locations.

The second Ruger rifle chambered for .325 WSM is the compact, and very portable, Ruger Target Grey M77 Mark II Frontier rifle. The ability to mount a scope out front on the barrel rib allows the shooter to keep both eyes open, providing a wider field of view and quick target acquisition, which is a great advantage in tracking moving game. The front-mounted scope also provides long eye relief, which is important in rifles chambered for powerful magnum cartridges such as the .325 WSM, and makes the rifle easy to carry at its balance point.

The lightweight Ruger Target Grey M77 Mark II Frontier rifle is a versatile and practical rifle that features a low-glare finish on all exposed components. It offers corrosion-resistant stainless steel components and a 16 1/2" medium weight, precision hammer-forged barrel bedded in a stable grey laminated wood stock. The M77 Mark II Frontier rifle is easy to load, even with gloves on, because the scope is mounted out front, away from the magazine area. The scope base mounted on the barrel rib is cut for the patented Ruger scope rings, which are supplied with each rifle.

Both Ruger M77 Mark II rifles come with sling swivel bases. The Ruger M77 Mark II Frontier rifle also includes a Weaver-style scope base adapter, which fits securely atop the barrel rib for easy mounting of a variety of optics.