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Ruger M77® MKII Frontier Rifle Wins Guns & Ammo Magazine Reader Poll as "The 2005 Gun of the Year"

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is pleased to announce that the Ruger M77® MKII Frontier rifle has won Guns & Ammo magazine's annual reader poll as "The 2005 Gun of the Year"

"Once again, our readers have spoken", read the Guns & Ammo staff report. "The Ruger Frontier is an exceptionally agile embodiment of the forward scoped carbine. Combining a barrel-mounted rib cut to accept Ruger's integral ring mounts, our 16 1/2 inch barreled Gun of the Year winner triumphed on both aesthetics and shootability." The report concluded, "For real world hunting situations when shots come fast, the Frontier is ideal."

"Our engineers studied the scout rifle concept and decided that the rugged Ruger scope mounting system, combined with a forward-mounted barrel rib as on the Ruger No.1 rifles, would make a great, fast-handling game rifle," said Sturm, Ruger President Stephen L. Sanetti. "We used our Ruger M77® MKII Compact rifle as the basic platform, adding a slightly heavier barrel to accept the scope-mounting rib. This gave the added benefit of increased accuracy in a rifle that carries easily 'at the balance,' is easy to load and unload, and which gives lightning fast "eyes open" target acquisition."

"We are delighted that the readers of so popular a shooting magazine as Guns & Ammo like this rifle as much as we do. I've hunted in heavy cover with one myself, and am eagerly awaiting our newly-announced stainless steel version," Sanetti concluded.