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Ruger's New Target Model Ranch Rifle is a "Minute-of-Angle Mini!"

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), is proud to introduce a new target rifle for today's rapid-fire action shooting competition events, such as the Shooting Industry Masters Tournament. The Ruger® Mini-14® series of rifles has been extremely popular since first introduced in 1974. Simple, rugged, and reliable, these rifles have proven so popular around the woods, farm, and ranch that they earned the nickname "Ranch Rifle," which is the name Sturm, Ruger now uses to describe all Mini-14 rifles that come from the factory with scope mounting features.

While the lightweight barrel of the original Mini-14 made it easy to carry afield, it did not always produce optimum accuracy. Many shooters have requested a Mini-14 with a heavier barrel, and Sturm, Ruger has responded with its New Target Model Ranch Rifle, which, with the correct ammunition, is truly a "minute-of-angle Mini!"

Its distinctive heavyweight, hammer forged, matte stainless steel target barrel features a recessed target crown and an adjustable barrel weight, so that each owner can "tune" the rifle to obtain the best accuracy from the particular ammunition being used. One-inch groups at 100 yards can be regularly obtained with suitable ammunition for the individual rifle.

Of equally striking appearance is the Target Rifle's new grey laminated target stock, again with details designed by target shooters for target shooters. It features the wide, flat forend for easy holding or resting on sandbags, the butt hook for securing the rifle against the shoulder with the non-shooting hand while benchresting, and the high comb for comfortable use with precision telescopic sights. A ventilated handguard helps to dissipate heat and to prevent accuracy-spoiling heat waves from disturbing your aim. A non-slip grooved rubber buttpad is provided with three spacers to change the length of pull by up to 1-1/2 inches.

Like all Ruger Ranch Rifles, the New Target Model comes from the factory set up for scope use. Patented Ruger scope bases are machined directly into the receiver and never shoot loose. A set of stainless steel Ruger scope rings, a $80.00 value, is included free with each Ruger Ranch Rifle. A patented recoil buffer protects the scope reticle from damage due to rapidly moving parts when firing this autoloading target rifle, and its side ejection of cartridge cases easily clears the lowest-mounted scope.

The New Target Model Ranch Rifle features a satin-finished stainless steel receiver and barrel, pleasingly rounded in contour, and helping to prevent harsh glare from disturbing the shooter's aim. It comes with a 5-round magazine, a California-compliant padlock, and a comprehensive instruction manual. It is chambered for the .223 Remington cartridge, a favorite for practical shooting competition and accurate varmint shooting.