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Sturm, Ruger Introduces the LCR™ with Boot Grip and XS® Sight

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) is proud to announce a new Ruger® LCR™, the critically acclaimed Lightweight Compact Revolver. This new model features a "Boot" Grip and XS® Sights. Jointly developed with Hogue®, the LCR Boot Grip features the highly effective Tamer® insert, which effectively manages recoil when coupled with the LCR's patented polymer fire control housing.

The new LCR Boot Grip is smaller, lighter than the standard grip by 1/2 ounce, and features smooth side panels and a smooth bottom contour, making the grip ideal for a smooth, seamless draw. Both the front of the grip and the backstrap over the Tamer insert are overmolded in soft rubber for effective control when shooting. The LCR Boot Grip also features a speedloader cutout, making speedloaders easier to use with a wide range of ammunition.

"The LCR has been a phenomenal success for us," remarked Chris Killoy, Ruger's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The new Boot Grip for the LCR gives our customers a slightly more concealable option for discreet carry, yet gives up very little in terms of controllability and recoil management."

The LCR Boot Grip is now available as a regular production model, but the Boot Grip is also available as an accessory on The LCR Boot Grip can be easily exchanged with a standard grip on the LCR's grip peg via a single screw at the bottom of the grip.

The newest LCR also features a XS® Sight Systems 24/7 Tritium Standard Dot front sight for those who desire fast, low-light target acquisition. XS® Sight Systems 24/7 Tritium Standard Dot enhances sight acquisition in all light conditions. Fast, simple and effective, the 24/7 Tritium Standard Dot offers the user a "flash sight" picture, the ultimate self defense sight system that excels in improved low-light accuracy in high-stress defensive situations. The low profile, snag-free design of the XS® Sight Systems 24/7 Tritium Standard Dot front sight does not compromise the concealability of the Ruger LCR and provides sights that can be seen around the clock.