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Ruger Announces New Products for 2013

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is introducing the following new products and extensions of popular existing lines for 2013.
Ruger® Guide Gun with Ruger® Muzzle Brake System:
The new Ruger® Guide Gun combines features from several of Ruger's most popular rifles to produce a high performance, feature-rich hunting rifle that is ready for whatever conditions and game come your way. The new bolt-action rifle is available in .30-06 Sprg., .300 Win. Mag., .338 Win. Mag., .300 RCM, .338 RCM, .375 Ruger and .375 Ruger in a left-handed configuration.
The Ruger® Guide Gun incorporates the new and revolutionary Ruger® Muzzle Brake System, a removable, radial-port muzzle brake that significantly reduces felt recoil. When the brake is not preferred, it may be replaced by the dynamically-matched muzzle weight, provided as part of the Ruger® Muzzle Brake System. Switching between the brake and the weight will not change the bullet's point of impact. The included thread protector may be used if neither the brake nor the weight is desired.
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M77® Hawkeye® African with Ruger® Muzzle Brake System:
The Ruger® M77® Hawkeye® African rifle now features the same Ruger® Muzzle Brake System as the Ruger® Guide Gun. This standard length action rifle with 23" barrel will be chambered in .300 Win. Mag., .338 Win. Mag., .375 Ruger, .416 Ruger and .375 Ruger in a left-handed configuration. The Ruger® M77® Hawkeye® African, originally designed for the .375 Ruger cartridge, is a classic hunter's rifle.
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M77® Hawkeye® Magnum Hunter with Ruger® Muzzle Brake System:
Another new model to utilize the Ruger® Muzzle Brake System is the M77® Hawkeye® Magnum Hunter. Available in .300 Win. Mag. only, this rifle features a Hawkeye Matte Stainless receiver and 24" hammer-forged barrel in a green Hogue® OverMolded® stock for use in all weather conditions.
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M77® Hawkeye® Predator in New Calibers:
The Ruger® M77® Hawkeye® Predator rifle line has been expanded to include 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. The latest introductions feature the same Green Mountain laminate stock, Hawkeye Matte Stainless full-length, medium weight hammer-forged barrel and two-stage, adjustable target trigger as the original Ruger® M77® Hawkeye® Predator rifles.
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Ruger American Rifle™ Line:
The popular, bolt-action Ruger American Rifle™ line has been expanded with additional calibers and new compact models. The standard Ruger American Rifle™ is now offered in .22-250 and 7mm-08 Rem. in addition to .243 Win, .308 Win, .270 Win. and .30-06 Sprg. The new Ruger American Rifle™ compact models have an 18" hammer-forged alloy steel barrel on a synthetic stock with a 12.5" length of pull for smaller shooters or those wearing heavier outerwear. Available in .243 Win. and 7mm-08 Rem., compact models incorporate the reliable features of the standard Ruger American Rifle™.
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New Stainless Ruger® Gunsite Scout Rifle:
Ruger now offers a second variation of the popular Ruger® Gunsite Scout Rifle chambered in .308 Win. Unlike the original blued rifle with its 16.5" barrel, the latest rifle features a stainless steel receiver and 18" stainless steel barrel. Developed in conjunction with Gunsite Academy, America's oldest private firearms training facility, the Ruger® Gunsite Scout Rifle is a lightweight, hard-hitting, do-it-all rifle in keeping with Col. Jeff Cooper's Scout Rifle concept. The newest introduction is available in both right- and left-handed configurations with a black laminate stock and stainless steel components for low maintenance and reliable all-weather performance.
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Exclusive No. 1 Rifles:
Ruger also announces exclusive 2013-only offerings of the Ruger® No. 1 single-shot rifle. Going forward, Ruger will vary the No. 1 configurations and caliber offerings each year, so enthusiasts should act quickly if they want to purchase a 2013 model. Models available in 2013 include: Light Sporter (1-A) in .222 Rem.; International (1-RSI) in 7x57; Tropical (1-H) in .375 H&H Magnum; Medium Sporter (1-S) in 45-70 Govt.; and the Varminter (1-V) in 6.5-284 Norma.
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New Ruger® 10/22® Models:
Two additions to the extremely popular Ruger® 10/22® rifle family are available in 2013. The 10/22TDT takedown model features a blued receiver and cold hammer-forged 16.62" barrel with SR-556®/Mini-14®-style flash suppressor mounted with a 1/2"-28 thread. The 10/22® Carbine with black synthetic stock and blued finish is available with a LaserMax® laser mounted directly on the forend, allowing for more precise sighting.
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SR-556VT™ Modern Sporting Rifle:
The new SR-556VT™ is a Varmint Target model of the two-stage piston-driven SR-556®. It incorporates a two-stage target trigger and a 20" fluted heavy barrel in 1:8 twist to appeal to varmint hunters and target shooters seeking long-range accuracy.
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Ruger® SR-556E® and SR-22® Rifles with Ruger® Rapid Deploy Sights:
All Ruger® SR-556E® and SR-22® rifles now include Ruger® Rapid Deploy Sights. These lightweight sights provide a windage adjustable rear sight and an elevation adjustable front sight. They can be folded to make room for optics and can be instantly redeployed as needed.
Ruger® Mini-14® Rifles:
All Ruger® Mini-14® rifles now include a receiver drilled and tapped for mounting the included Picatinny rail, scope rings and two magazines.
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Ruger® LC380™ Lightweight Compact Pistol:
The Ruger® LC380™ is a lightweight, compact pistol based on the popular LC9™, but chambered in .380 Auto. The LC380™ is Ruger's lightest recoiling personal protection pistol yet, with a light recoil spring that allows the slide to be easily manipulated. The full-featured Ruger® LC380™ offers the versatility and capability of the popular .380 Auto cartridge in a highly compact, reliable and user-friendly pistol.
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Ruger® SR45™:
The Ruger® SR45™ has joined the popular SR-Series of full-sized and compact striker-fired pistols. Consumers now have a reliable and affordable .45 Auto option in one of the slimmest and most ergonomic pistol lines on the market today. Like the SR9® and SR40®, the SR45™ is built on high-performance, glass-filled nylon frames offering all the great ergonomic features that have made the SR-Series a success: a slim, narrow frame with a short trigger reach, reversible backstrap for an arched or flat configuration, and fully ambidextrous controls.
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Ruger® SR1911™ Commander-Style Pistol:
The Ruger® SR1911™ commander-style pistol is an "All American" classic rendition of John Browning's mid-size combat pistol. The new SR1911™ commander-style pistol offers the same great features as the widely popular standard 5" barrel SR1911™, but with a more compact 4.25" barrel.
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New Ruger® SR22® Pistol Models:
The do-it-all .22 pistol for the shooter who appreciates style and demands reliability is now available with a threaded barrel or silver anodized finish. The threaded barrel model comes in the original black anodized finish and accepts any 1/2"-28 (Class 2A) muzzle device. A barrel cap, adapter and wrench are provided. The non-threaded barrel model is available in either black or silver anodized.
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Ruger 22/45 Lite™:
The Ruger 22/45 Lite™ now features a black anodized upper receiver, fluted barrel shroud and black laminate 1911-style replaceable grips. With the same action as the ever-popular Mark III™ pistol, the benchmark by which all .22 LR pistols are measured, the Ruger 22/45 Lite™ is the perfect, no compromise rimfire pistol.
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Ruger® LCR® in .22 Magnum:
Packed with the latest technological advances and features required by today's most demanding shooters, the Ruger® LCR® is now available in .22 Magnum with a 6-round capacity. Available in four calibers, there is an LCR for every need - from personal protection to low-cost practice at the range.
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Ruger® Rimfire Pistols with New Grips:
Popular Ruger® 22/45™ and Mark III™ rimfire pistols now come with new grip options. The 22/45™ Target is available with replaceable black laminate grip panels, and the Mark III™ Target and Mark III™ Hunter now offer laminate target grips.
Super Redhawk® Revolvers:
Back by popular demand, the Super Redhawk® and Super Redhawk Alaskan® in .480 Ruger have both returned to Ruger's list of product offerings.
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New Ruger® Accessories:
Ruger is also introducing new accessories to complement its firearms. New magazines include extended 7-round magazines for the Ruger® LCP® and extended 9-round magazines for the Ruger® LC9™. In early 2013, six varieties of Ruger® Scope Rings will also be available and sold two per pack.
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